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A.  Block
B.  Stock Car
C.  Fastback
D. Pickup
E. Speeder
F.  Wedge
G.  Roadster H. Funny Car
I. Windracer
J. Classic
L. Thunderbolt
Car kits are packaged individually whether purchased individually or in bulk quantities. All plain kits include one piece of wood (block or shape), one set of wheels, one set of pin axles, number stickers, and instructions. Deluxe kits include all the items in the plain kits plus the car base is routered to receive the stick-on weights that are included in the deluxe kit.

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  Quantity  Price per Total Price
Plain Block Kits 
Plain Shaped Kits
Deluxe Block Kits
Deluxe Shaped Kits
Extra Wheels & Axles

per set

Stick on Weights  (3oz) $2.95
Routered Bottoms $1.50 per car
Tube of Graphite $2.95
6 grams
RA Stickers $.50 each
CAR PRICES ea  Plain Kits Plain Kits Deluxe Kits   Deluxe Kits 
  Quantity  Block   Shaped   Block  Shaped
1-24    4.50 5.75  7.75      8.95
25-49  4.25   5.50   7.50 8.75
50-up       4.00 5.25 7.25 8.25
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